The Anti-Vehicle Crime Association of Minnesota (AVCAM) is a non-profit organization formed to prevent vehicle crime through community awareness and education. Our members come from law enforcement, insurance companies and other organizations and businesses interested in preventing vehicle crime. AVCAM has no paid staff and operates solely with member volunteers. The AVCAM message is clear and succinct:  Lock Your Car.  Take Your Keys.  Prevent A Theft.

Officer Troy Peasley Recognized

On October 15, 2015, Officer Troy Peasley of the Brooklyn Center Police Department was recognized by AVCAM for his efforts in helping to reduce auto theft. Officer Peasley has served as the Auto Theft Officer for the Brooklyn Center Police Department since the Fall of 2013. 

Some of his notable highlights include:

  • Since 2013, the city of Brooklyn Center has seen a 45% decrease in auto thefts.
  • Troy was able to secure a new bait car for the department. He ensures the car is out in the city every week.
  • Troy has been a leading enforcer, and has encouraged other officers in the department to utilize the city’s “open ignition” ordinance as a source of enforcement, theft prevention, and education.
  • Troy regularly disseminates information to the department related to “high risk” auto theft offenders. He also networks with other departments in sharing information and trends noted by the various metro agencies.
  • Troy has also compiled statistical data and worked to secure grant funding to help maintain the department’s auto theft officer position. Troy was also instrumental in the department obtaining a third license plate reader. 
  • Troy makes is a point to treat each auto theft case with his full attention in order to obtain the correct resolution. He has also built a successful partnership with NICB, Hennepin County Attorney’s Office and other auto theft investigators in assisting and securing criminal convictions.

Below from L to R: Glenn Ebersold – AVCAM, Officer Troy Peasely – Brooklyn Center PD, Commander Richard Gabler – Brooklyn Center PD, and Charlie O’Brien - AVCAM